1. Typically $2,000 for a single residential property (AIRBNB) if a site inspection is not included.
    2. Most commercial multifamily properties (six-plex max) can be reasonably completed for a fee of $2,500 if no inspection is required. It may not be appropriate for complex properties..
    3. Cost segregation reports including a site inspection typically start at $4,500. Complex properties are more expensive. 
    4. Discounts available for 5 addresses or more.
    5. Changes $25. Add units up to six-plex $125 each.

    While a lower fee is always preferable to a higher fee, all else being equal, the choice varies with circumstances. The individual without partners is most likely to choose the option without a site visit. Representatives of partnerships, syndications, and corporate entities tend to focus more on reducing risk. The additional fee is really quite modest in most cases, and provides the highest level of results with the lowest risk.

    The No Site-Visit Option

    Whether or not to include a site visit in the scope of work is the client’s decision. We can counsel on this issue if desired. The tradeoffs are as follows:

    1. Lower cost with no site visit,
    2. Likely lower depreciation by 5 to 10% without a site visit,
    3. However, if you can provide video documentation of the property and other support such as financial records and interviews, much of the benefit of the site visit can be achieved,
    4. Some taxpayers sleep better knowing the fullest scope of work has been completed.

    The key to avoiding trouble with the IRS for a cost segregation report without a site visit, is to be slightly more cautious, so as not to overstate the depreciation. The IRS is concerned about cost segregation reports that grossly overstate depreciation.

    Our approach is middle of the road and fully defendable.

    Documents Needed To Perform a Cost Segregation Study

    The type of documents needed for a cost segregation study for real estate will depend on the property you own and whether you have constructed a new residence or purchased or remodeled an existing one. A cost segregation specialist may need you to obtain documents such as property tax records, construction and improvement records, maintenance records, utility bills, appraisal reports, and property maps. These documents can help a specialist perform an accurate and in-depth analysis

    Our Guarantees:

    1. If you receive an inquiry about a cost segregation report we prepared, we will respond until we have satisfied the IRS. To date, we have always been able to explain our analysis with zero changes to studies.
    2. If you do not save money on your income tax as a result of our cost segregation study, we will refund the fee in full.